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Greetings from Out of Our!
May 2012 Newsletter

Volume 13 is now in distribution – look for it in your mailbox, the usual bookstores or buy a copy online! This issue features poetry and prose from all over the country, and the drawings of Ivan de Monbrison who lives in Paris, France (along with the artwork and photos of several others). It also has Voltaire on the cover. Get your copy now before they’re gone!

Readings and Other Happenings

Since the last newsletter (sorry for the delay - time flies when you’re in the magazine business), there have been a lot of readings and events. Here are a few: Sarah and Steven were included in an anthology called “Occupy SF - poems from the movement” and participated in a group reading at Sacred Grounds. They read at a similar event at Artists Television Access, and performed other poems at an underground speakeasy in the Mission. At the end of March they had a table at the Anarchist Book Fair, selling the latest and back issues of Out of Our, and (mirabile dictu) did not lose money.

Also in March they went to the Saul Williams show at Slim’s, and Steven wrote a review for www.litseen.com (noting that it was hard to hear most of the words).

Steven read poems at You’re Going 2 Die, Word Party, and Poetry Mission (all at Viracocha), along with the Amsterdam Cafe and 16th & Mission. He was chosen to read at the Santa Cruz Poetry Festival in February as part of the Quiet Lightning group. The event took place at the Cocoanut Grove (he also accompanied Ruebi Jimenez on the guitar).

Sarah has continued to work with the Occupy movement, and on May Day they went to the protest in downtown San Francisco. Later that afternoon they went to the East Bay and participated in a four-mile march to downtown Oakland. Sarah recently had an article, Help Occupy Help You, published by Truthout as well.

Finally, Steven would like to announce the release of his second book of poetry, JET SHOCK AND CULTURE LAG. Order your copy here:
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If you would be interested in contributing artwork as a guest artist for the next issue, please get in touch… outofoursf@gmail.com. Heck, get in touch anyway, we always love to hear from you!

Next Issue

The deadline for ads and submissions for volume 14 is July 31, 2012.




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